The Meme That Went Viral

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

  I never thought a meme I made would go viral. Currently, (I literally checked a minute ago) there are 

59,787 shares, and 9.4k reactions (wow, like, love, sad, angry) from my Facebook page. This doesn't account for the shares that were made from other Facebook pages or websites. 


  Lucky me, I have amazing friends who would tag me and let me know if they saw my meme on other websites. As far as I know, it's been posted on Reddit, *Meme King's Facebook page and on The Fish Kevin and Taylor in the Morning Facebook page.  Oh and via Alli Worthington's (executive director of Propel Women) Instagram. Who by the way so sweetly gave me credit for my work. She's the only one to give me credit! That spoke volumes to me.


  In retrospect, I should have put a watermark on it, but again, I didn't think anything of it. My face is on it so I guess that's proof enough. It all stemmed from a conversation I had with someone. When I got home the idea came to me and I looked over at my dog, who looked back at me and said with his eyes (because he can't talk -- haha), "yeah you should tots do it." My goal, if I had a goal, was to get a few laughs and a share or two. Also if any directors or casting directors noticed it, and thought it was funny then I would be over the moon. Especially, if they cast me in their next project, because I'm so brilliantly hilarious.


  To make it super funny, I went to the extreme with the clothing choices, but still grounded in truth. I set up the camera, put on all things winter and took the first photo, then ran back inside to find an extreme outfit for hot weather. While I contemplated wearing a bikini, I couldn't justify it. There were people moving in across the street, and they already thought I was a little nutty. 


  Once the photos were taken, I did some photoshopping to merge them and inserted text -- viola -- a meme was born. I posted it on my Facebook account and forgot about it. The next morning I woke up to 200 notifications of friend requests and even more notifications that my meme was being shared. From that point I became slightly obsessed watching the numbers grow. It was mind boggling. For every 30 minutes that passed my meme was being shared 2k times with other people. 


  I've also really enjoyed reading the comments on Reddit and on other public forums. That has certainly been entertaining. Right now, I'm not sure which comment is better, "There are Asians in the South?!" or "What happens after 5pm?"  or "I didn't know you had a twin?!" The answers to those questions, are yes, nothing, and no.


  If you've chuckled at my meme, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't know if I will ever make another awesome meme, but hey I succeeded in making at least one!


*Since my post I was informed that Meme King gave me my due credit. So thanks to Meme King for being awesome!




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