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Thursday, September 29, 2016



Anything that makes a career easier, faster, simpler, and less stressful is great. So, I thought I would share the apps that are currently on my phone that help me in my acting career. I wanted to share the Pro’s, Con’s and/or why you should consider downloading it. 


The apps I use are based on what is available on the iPhone at the moment. Certainly, there are equivalents made for all mobile types. Definitely, get what is best for you.




1. IMDb (Internet Movie Database). You get an audition, or before you submit yourself for a role, IMDb is great for looking up information on the project. Researching the project, director, etc is so helpful.


Pro: Have quicker access to information on films, directors, producers, etc. 


Con: Mobile version is not as lovely as the desktop version.


2. Fast Scanner. Quickly scans any type of document and exports it to PDF or JPEG. Document all of your contracts, receipts, share notes from class, and actor resume. 


Pro: Scan contracts, resume, notes, receipts, etc. Easier to email scanned documents as a PDF. Stores all scanned documents for later use.


Con: Limited usage for free version. Could get around that by using Dropbox to store docs.


3. Twisted Wave Recorder. Audio recorder that allows you to save your audio many formats. You can send your audio through by email. You can edit the “breathy” or “pauses” out to email a polished Voice Over spot.


Pro: Can edit your recording.


Con: None that I can think of. Might cost some money now.


4. Actsophia. An all in one resource for all things acting. Practice you lines, look up casting directors, relaxation techniques, and honestly too much for me to write out. Worth checking out. I mainly use it for the line memorization. 


Pro: As mention before I mainly use this app for the line memorization. (Audition > Practice Lines) Record your lines, and the other person(s) lines. Its like a virtual reading partner. It’s FREE!!


Con: Represents Los Angeles and New York City regions mainly CD's, Managers, Agents.


5. Dropbox. Stores all your documents. Large or small. Have everything in one spot.


Pro: Have all your stuff in one place.


Con: Limited storage.


6. WeTransfer. Send large files aka auditions to CD’s and/or your agent.


7. iMovie or Splice. Edit your self tape auditions with ease.


8. Air BnB. Actors travel and need a place to stay on a budget. Need I say more?! Check out this gem to find a place to stay on your budget. I think the lowest fare I’ve seen was $10 a night. All host have reviews so you can have a better peace of mind that your not staying with someone creepy. Even better, you could book out the whole place.




There are more apps than I can shake a stick at, that are incredibly helpful but these are the ones I use frequently at the moment. So, if you have an app you’d like to share that would help your fellow actor out, please feel free to comment below.


*I have absolutely no affiliation with any of the applications mentioned in my blog. 

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