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Thursday, April 14, 2016

I feel like majority of actors go through periods in their career when the auditions are not what they used to be and things slow up a bit. When the auditions, and being on set are few and far between, I start to get a wee bit antsy. 


The most important lesson and reminder for me is that I need to stay busy or occupied.  If I don't, I will drive everyone around me nuts! So I chalk paint furniture, cook a challenging dish or volunteer at a non-profit organization, etc. Honestly, it keeps my life interesting and then I have stories to tell. Even better, a skill that might come in handy at an audition or on set. That said, I decided to add something new to my list.


I've done 3k's and 5k's in the past but never have I ever ran a 10k. I'm really pushing myself here. I'm almost done with week two of training with 11 weeks to go. Oh and did I mention I am not really a runner. The first day was really rough. It was a chilly morning, I got an ear ache five minutes into my training. Y'all that hurts like a moe foe. 


On the second day of training I went in the evening and I had like 4 gnats make a permanent residence on my lips because of my lip gloss. I may have swallowed one too --- ick. Fast forward to day six, I began perspiring -- gasp! When I work out, it's not that serious. I lift 10 lb weights a couple of times, hop on the elliptical for 15 mins and drink a glass of water. Boom workout complete.


Onward and upwards, while I wait for Kevin Spacey or Danny McBride to call me in for a role. 






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