Fresh Headshots

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Photo Credit: Aileen Michelle. Editing: Carolann Utley


Headshots. One word not two words -- ahem spell check. It's that time of year. I can feel the start of pilot season. It's also a new year. Alas, time for new headshots?! I remain that I still look the same as I did last year but perhaps I'm lying to myself to justify not spending money for new headshots. Y'all know what I'm talking about -- actors. It can get pricey but that's not the main stressor for me. 


In addition to the cost, it's also the prep work that goes in to a headshot. Which brings me to sharing several things I do to prepare for new headshots. After all, the point is to look like you at your best.


1) Working out. Especially after holiday food consumption. I tell myself every year to modify what I eat over the holidays but how can I when my mom is giving me the stank eye and telling how hard she worked cooking. Seconds please?!


2) Express teeth whitening


3) Moisture mask


4) Hydration. Get it in your fruit, drinking water, tea, etc. Stay hydrated. Keeps your skin bright and cheery.


5) Hair mask. Mainly because I have long hair and I want make sure it looks amazing. Maybe one day I will blog about my hair care -- hahaha. For those who wonder...yes, it's my natural hair color. Bo, who is amazing, at Van Michaels cuts my hair and will verify. 


5) A good night’s rest. Sure you can fake a good night’s rest with makeup but avoid it going that route if at all possible. It makes a difference to show up with a great attitude, ready to flash those pearly whites and bring out that awesomeness that makes you unique.


6) Schedule zero events prior or after photoshoot. The last thing you need at your headshot session is worrying about something day of. 


7) Avoid alcohol consumption the day before. It will bloat you up. So don't. While we are talking about bloat…avoid anything high in sodium too.


8) Brow maintenance


All right. That's it. Again, this is what I personally do. If I'm going to pay a headshot photographer a lot of money, I wouldn’t want to waste a session looking crazy and then getting upset when I see the photos and think "why do I look like H***?!"





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