Perpetuity - Read before you sign

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Before you sign ANY contract, always read it!!! This seems like common sense – right?! What is scary to me, is that I know that there are 15 other actors out there who signed this contract before me and I don’t think they understood what they signed. This is a lesson for anyone really, but a huge and important business lesson for actors.


This week, I was booked for a non union project. In retrospect, since I booked this project on my own (without my talent agent), I should have asked for the contract prior to (add this to lesson learned file). This would have saved me and the client gas, time, and etc.


I may not be an A-list actor at this present moment, but I’d like to think that someday I might be. At least, a working actor, to which won’t happen if I sign contracts that have the word, “perpetuity.” So what does perpetuity mean…




  • A thing that lasts forever or for an indefinite period, in particular.

  • The state or quality of lasting forever.


I almost signed away my face for $100. Meaning, after I die and left decaying in the ground six feet under, my face will be out there being used and I will not be compensated for its use. As an actor, if you are okay with that then, sign away.


The situation stinks because hey, I would have loved to of had earned $100, but not like that. There were so many red flags in this contract, I’m shaking my head thinking about it. One final thought and I will drop the mic…Read before you sign and if you are unsure call your agent. If you don’t have an agent, then listen to your gut or at least call up an actor friend you trust and run it by them.




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