Audition To-go

Monday, October 19, 2015


It's been an amazing or not so amazing year for you. Regardless, you are ready for some personal time to escape and go on an adventure to make some memories -- Dang it.  Everything is a go:  Mode of Travel? Check. Accommodation? Check. Packed? Check. Emailed agent to let them know you are on vacay? Check. 


You arrive to your destination. The scene is better than any picture you've ever seen on the internet and with a drink in your hand, you exhale, "This is the life." Of course, out of habit you check your emails and there it is, a request for a self-taped audition. Freak out mode engaged! Of course there are no taping services in Montego Bay, Jamaica or in Fargo, ND. So as a prepared actor this is something to consider: pack a to-go audition kit. 


Worst case scenario: Take your smartphone and hold in landscape mode (volume buttons facing the ground or you'll appear upside down) and find a plain wall and give it a go. Best case scenario: You brought a self-tape traveling kit with you to alleviate some stress.


Every time, I go out of town I take the following items with me: 


• Solid Color Flat Bed Sheet 

• Thumb Tacks

• Octopus Portable/Adjustable tripod

• Phone Mount (for Tripod)

• Friend (whom I let know will be my audition reader as needed - hahaha)


This way I'm prepared, my hands are free and I don't have to run around looking for a plain background. Now you're probably thinking about lighting. Natural light is best if you have it (stand facing the window not the window behind you). Other than that...I would grab some lamps and hope for the best. This is not going to be a high quality self-taped audition, but this is better than turning down an audition opportunity. This also works for those last second auditions you get at 9pm and your agent needs it ASAP.


You will also need to download an app on your smartphone that edits footage so you cut out unnecessary parts, add your slate, etc. Hope this helps! Break legs my fellow actors and wishing you all the best!




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