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Thursday, October 8, 2015


I was talking to some of my actor friends yesterday (which I try to meet with once a week to practice lines, etc.) and one of them had asked what I did aside from acting to chanel my creativity. I had to think about that for a second.


So when I'm not rehearsing, auditioning or on-set, you can find me doing one of the following things: 


Chalk Painting


Seriously, ask me anything about chalk painting. I will have a good answer -- I promise. This is an obsession I picked up about three years ago. This is a type of painting that is not to be confused with chalk board paint. Chalk paint is a type of paint that virtually adheres to anything with zero preping (aside from, a-hem wiping off the dirty on the object you are about to paint). But no striping, priming...none of that jazz. When you're done painting and the paint has dried, apply clear or dark wax to seal it and voila, an amazing recreation. There is much more to it obviously, but here is a link to give you more of why I'm obssessed with this:


Playing Piano or Acoustic Guitar


I'm not a pro by any means but I can play a tune or two. I've been teaching myself how to play for a while and I should take professional lessons but what's the fun in that. Sometimes I will broadcast myself playing on Periscope. So if you have Periscope on your phone follow, watch and comment on my inner Beethoven/Van Halen.




Well, now that's lie.


Latte Art


I love all things barista?!





My earliest memory of playing with food also know as cooking was at six years old. I remember inviting my friends over for tea and we would make tasty dishes from whatever snacks my mom would leave out for us. I'm chuckling as I think about the time, I took two glazed donuts and put peanut butter on one and then grape jelly on the other and mashed them together making one amazing donut sandwich. 


I've grown out of my adolescent creations to make more sophisticated dishes. I enjoy making dishes from scratch when I have the time, like making my own pasta, tomato sauce, and taco seasoning. So if you befriend me, chances are you might get spoiled.


Learning French


Okay, this is an on going process. I received a program to learn French and well...I'm still learning how to speak French. I think it's an absolutely beautiful and sexy language. 




There are other creative outlets I dabble in but my dog is giving me the stank face and is whimpering which means he wants to go look at trees. But before I go, check out this film trailor/kickstarter:


Immortalis: A Short Film




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